Ballet classes for kids in Brisbane
LVBA - Ballet classes for kids

Discovering Grace, Discipline, and Artistry

Get ready to twirl into the enchanting world of Ballet with us! Witness your child’s grace blossom in our captivating Ballet classes! Ballet isn’t just about dancing; it’s a journey of self-expression, confidence-building, and endless enchantment. Led by our passionate instructors, our classes are alive with excitement and creativity, providing the perfect stage for young dancers to shine.

At our studio, we believe in the transformative power of Ballet to transport us to new heights and unlock boundless possibilities. With every plié, every pirouette, and every pose, children discover their inner artists and build skills that will last a lifetime. Our qualified teachers are here to guide them every step of the way, offering personalized attention and encouragement to help them reach their full potential.

But Ballet isn’t just about perfecting steps—it’s about expressing emotions through movement and embracing the beauty of dance. From graceful arabesques to delicate port de bras, our students dive deep into their artistry, exploring their passions and embracing their unique talents. Through Ballet, children develop essential life skills like discipline, dedication, and poise, empowering them to navigate the world with confidence and grace.

Imagine the pride of watching your child glide across the stage, their eyes sparkling with joy as they bring characters to life through dance. It’s a feeling like no other—a mix of awe, admiration, and pure magic. At our studio, we understand the transformative power of Ballet, and we’re dedicated to nurturing that spark within each child.

Join us on this enchanting journey, where every plié is a step towards self-discovery, and every arabesque is an expression of pure joy. Enroll your child today and embark on a magical adventure where the spotlight is theirs to command and the possibilities are endless!

Ballet Classes

For Prep to Teenagers

Step into the graceful world of ballet with our enchanting Ballet classes! Watch as your budding dancers refine their technique, discover the beauty of movement, and immerse themselves in the elegance of classical ballet. Join us and let your child experience the magic of ballet!

Age groups:
Teeny Toes: 2 to 4 yo
Year 3 – 6: 8 to 11 yo
Year 7 – 9: 12 to 14 yo
Year 10 – 12: 15 to 17 yo

Lutwyche ONLY

Day & Time:
Please, check the Timetable below.

Term Duration:

Next Term starts on the:

From 2 to 4 years old:
Price: $ per term

Prep to year 2:
Price: $ per term

Year 3 to 6:
Price: $ per term

Year 7 to 9:
Price: $ per term

– $ Enrolment fee applies
– Prices are GST included
– Payment per term subject to automatic renewal at the beginning of a new term/week
– Price includes course material, student pack and exercises



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