Terms and Conditions

sLast updated: 01/01/2021

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) carefully before using Loic Valmy Broadway Academy (“LVBA”) services.

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all students, customers, visitors, users and others who access or use the Service.

By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.

When enrolling to one of our classes/courses/workshop or camp, you agree to supply certain personal information including, without limitation, your first and last name, email address, phone number, residential address, date of birth, child’s first name, child’s date of birth, child’s gender and child’s medical condition.
Your personal details will remain private and will not be shared with any third party.

Automatic Renewals/Recurring Payment
Most our courses run through the whole year and are subjected to automatic renewals on a term to term basis. By enroling to our courses, you commit to the full duration of the course (ie. 30, 40 weeks, …) and agree to be automatically billed and charged accordingly. If you do not wish to renew your enrolment at the end of a term, you must notify LVBA by email at least 2 weeks before the start of the next term.
Any enrolment cancellation within the 2 weeks notice will result in a cancellation fee equal to 2 weeks classes.
No refund/credit will be issued if you decide to cancel your enrolment or subscription after the term or course has started.

Late enrolment
If you enroll after the start of a term, you agree to be billed for the number of weeks remaining in the term at the weekly payment rate.

Weekly Payment
Some of our courses/classes offer a ‘weekly payment’ option. When choosing this option, the client commits to the number of weeks/classes included in the course (ie. ’10 weeks’) and agrees to be billed weekly for a number of weeks equal to the number of weeks/classes included in the course.

Cancellation from LVBA
LVBA reserve the right to cancel a class or a course at any time before the course at started. Any cancellation from our end will trigger a full refund of your enrolment, enrolment fees (is applicable) or/and subscriptions for the classes left to occur.

Where participation in classes is regulated by minimum or maximum participant numbers, participation is on a first-come, first-served basis where participation numbers may need to be controlled. Where participation numbers do not meet LVBA class guidelines, participation is not guaranteed.

Cancellation from the Client
You may cancel your enrolment or subscription 2 weeks before the beginning of a term or course. In such case, we will issue a full refund of your enrolment (minus enrolment fees).
Any enrolment cancellation after the 2 weeks notice will result in a cancellation fee equal to 2 weeks classes.
No refund/credit will be issued if you decide to cancel your enrolment or subscription after the term or course has started.
In case of unforeseen exceptional circumstances (injury, sickness…), a credit can be redirected to the next term.

Respect to everyone
We believe in creating a safe and friendly environment for all. LVBA embrace and treat all students equally regardless of their background, ethnicity, age, gender and sexual orientation.
The utmost respect and discipline are expected from all our students during classes.
Participation in all LVBA classes is dependent on each participant demonstrating respectful, courteous, honest and appropriate behaviour.
LVBA does not tolerate any form of disrespect against the trainers or other students. Any student/client who acts disrespectfully towards others will be asked to leave the class and/or will have their access to the entire course revoked and forfeit their right to any refund.
Inappropriate behaviour and disrespect are classified as anything verbal and non verbal behaviour that may be actual or perceived intimidation, harassment, discrimination or abuse.

Classes may be physically strenuous, and participation is voluntary, based on your own assessment of your fitness, health, ability to participate and understanding of the class requirements, activities and expected outcomes.

You realize that participation in performing arts (drama, singing and dance) classes and activities could involve some possible personal injury. Despite precautions, accidents and injuries may occur. By agreeing to these Terms, you (the client or/and parent/guardian) assume all risks related to the use of any and all spaces used by LVBA.
You agree to release and hold harmless LVBA including its teachers, dancers, staff members and facilities used by LVBA from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. You will not hold LVBA liable for any personal injury or any personal property damage, which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes. Furthermore, you agree to obey the class and facility rules and take full responsibility for your behaviour (or your child’s behaviour) in addition to any damage you or they may cause to the facilities utilized by LVBA.
You understand that LVBA is insured. In the event that you should observe any unsafe conduct or conditions before, during or after your classes, you agree to report the unsafe conduct or conditions to the Executive Director, Artistic Director, Individual Instructor or staff member as soon as possible.

Social Media Consent
You grant LVBA the right to use your (your child’s) first name and images including still and video footage for marketing and communication purposes deemed reasonable by LVBA including on social media. An Image release forms may be issued to participants if LVBA wishes to expand the use of personal information and images beyond reasonable marketing and communication purposes. LVBA does not publish last names or any personal details other than first name of its students/clients on social media.
If you do not wish your (or your children’s) photos/videos/ first names published on social media, please let us know by email.

Intellectual Content
All material (physical and digital), warm ups, exercises, activities, audio files, pictures, PowerPoint presentations and videos, whether delivered in-class or online, are exclusive intellectual property of LVBA. You are not permitted to record or share class content and material with non-participants and this includes the sharing, recording or downloading of LVBA class content between devices, platforms or networks, which is strictly prohibited, unless express written permission to do so is provided by LVBA.
Any use of LVBA material outside of LVBA classes and courses and without express written permission to do so provided by LVBA is strictly prohibited. Any infringement to this clause may trigger legal action.

Covid-19 Addition – Effective from 1st January 2021
• Any student presenting any symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, dry cough, fatigue) is asked to not attend class until fully recovered. This is to ensure the safety of all students and staff.
• If you, or your child, or anyone in your family have/has come into contact with anyone with Covid-19, you must refrain from attending classes for 14 days unless you have been tested negative.
• All persons will be required to sanitize or wash hands upon entering the premises
• In the event that the premises become close to capacity, parents of students under the age of 5-years-old will be given priority after students and staff.
• All persons will be required to sanitise and/or wash hands if they cough, sneeze etc
• The use of communal props and equipment will be discontinued
• Any clothing items in lost property will be washed and sanitized
• Any drink bottles left after class will be disposed of as these are high risk items for others to handle. If your child is likely to forget their drink bottle, please send them with a labelled disposable bottle.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time.

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If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.