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Rhythm, Body and Self-confidence

Step into the rhythmic world of tap dance with our dynamic Tap Classes! Designed to spark joy and creativity in young dancers, our classes blend timeless technique with exhilarating choreography. Led by experienced instructors, students learn to create captivating rhythms with their feet while mastering the intricate steps of tap.

Tap dance is more than just a dance style—it’s a language of expression, a symphony of sound created through movement. In our classes, dancers explore the art of rhythm, learning to syncopate, shuffle, and flap with precision and flair.

But tap dance is not just about technique—it’s about storytelling. Through lively combinations and improvisational exercises, students learn to convey emotion and personality through their movements. They discover the joy of making music with their feet and expressing themselves in a unique and powerful way.

Join us and watch as your child discovers the magic of tap dance! Whether they dream of performing on stage or simply love the sound of their shoes on the floor, our classes provide a supportive and encouraging environment where every dancer can shine. Come tap into the rhythm and experience the thrill of making music with your feet!

Tap Dancing Classes

For Prep to Teenagers

Tap dance is all about rhythm, movement, and expression! Allowing children the freedom to explore the musical intuition and flair in styles such as Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire – to Adam Garcia, Bobby Fox, The Syncopated Ladies & The Tap Pack, LVBA’s tap dance classes for children explore the gift of tap dance by incorporating  fun and energetic dance training with the technical elements of dance technique to provide your child with an engaging dance experience that they are sure to love!

Age groups:
Year 3 – 6: 8 to 11 yo
Year 7 – 9: 12 to 14 yo
Year 10 – 12: 15 to 17 yo


Day & Time:
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Term Duration:

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Year 3 to 6:
Price: $ per term

Year 7 to 9:
Price: $ per term

Year 10 to 12:
Price: $ per term

Year 7 to 12 (intermediate):
Price: $ per term

Year 7 to 12 (advanced):
Price: $ per term

– $ Enrolment fee applies
– Prices are GST included
– Payment per term and per week subject to automatic renewal at the beginning of a new term/week
– Price includes course material, student pack and exercises



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