Tap like a Professional

Our Tap Dancing class is designed for beginners who wish to add another string to their bow in musical theatre and performing. This program includes an introduction into the fundamentals of rhythm, musicality and style, using terminology to give you knowledge and confidence in your skills, and prepare you for the industry.

The class is designed to integrate technical basics across 10 weeks of training including a range of tap dance techniques and the exploitation of musical theatre styles & performance skills. We focus on two styles of routine throughout the term. At the end of the term, we have 2 weeks of MASTERCLASS with industry professionals where you learn professional choreography, skills and integration of musical theatre techniques to your tap dance style performance skills.

Tap Dance Class for over 50s

Especially designed for our beloved and dynamic seniors, our tap course is fun & challenging.
Tap enables performers to improve their rhythm, uses both sides of the brain simultaneously and encourages the crossing over of the midline of the body which is great tool for building balance and co-ordination and interacting with both the creative and practical sides of the brain. 

Age groups:
Over 50s

Beginners & Intermediates


Every Monday, 1.30pm

Class Duration:
1 hour per week

PER CLASS: $15.00

– Prices are GST included
– Payment per term and per week subject to automatic renewal at the beginning of a new term/week
– Price includes course material, student pack and exercises

About your trainer:

Leanne Schmidt

Lee Schmidt

Co-founder and Dance Coordinator of LVBA, Lee has been dancing (Ballet, Broadway Jazz and Tap) from the age of four. Lee is an active member of the dance and musical theatre community of Brisbane as both a performer and choreographer. For the past 15 years, Lee has taught Ballet, Broadway Jazz, Hip-Hop and Tap Dancing to children and adults in Brisbane and across Australia with a strong focus on correct technique for performance and strength.

Lee has performed in Musicals such as Singin’ in the Rain, Disco Inferno and The Little Mermaid and has toured nationally and internationally as a professional cabaret artist. She has also choreographed numerous Musicals and Cabaret productions including Snow White, The Wizard of Oz’, Singin’ in the Rain and more recently, Billy Bucket and Mary Poppins.

“Excellent Training!
Balances passion & expertise, with tenacious energy & a genuinely invested attitude.

“Loved this course! Extremely positive experience, helped build confidence and developed great skills!”

” I had a brilliant time at LVBA. I would recommend this course for any semi-pro looking for weekly classes.”

“I learned more new techniques in 6 weeks with LVBA than in 3 years with my previous teacher.”

“LVBA training is sharp and intensive. You feel stronger and more confident.

“The techniques you’ll learn at LVBA will blow your mind! In a few weeks, my dancing skills have improved a 1000 times.”

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