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Singing Classes for kids

Does your beautiful child sing all the time at home? Do they put on shows every week just for you? Do you want to encourage their creativity?
Based on years of research in vocal training but also cognitive child training , LVBA’s team of trainers have developed the best method for your ‘little singers’ to explore their voices and start their journey as future stars.

Whether they want to sing Pop, Rock or maybe Opera (?), you are sure that they will get the best and safest learning environment at LVBA.

We offer classes for the following age groups:

4 to 7 year old – ‘Awakening’

In this class, we encourage your little stars to discover what they can do with their voice. All our activities have been designed to link ‘music’ to the child’s voice, body and space. With our cognitive method, ‘experience’ prevails over ‘knowledge’. It’s important for any artistic development that the child experiences the art before he/she understands it.

8 to 11 year old – ‘Vocal Confidence’

In this class, we start introducing theory and knowledge to enhance your child’s vocal performances. They learn their first vocal techniques (breathing, scales and vocal activities) as well as their first music theory (reading, pitch and rhythms).

The goal of each class is to reinforce the child’s self-confidence and increase their confidence in their voice and what they can achieve with it.

12 to 15 year old – ‘Performers’

In this class, we start the real technical work. Based on the best vocal technique used by Broadway performers, students learn abdominal breathing, scales, tuning, vocal placement, diction, sight singing and stage techniques.

The goal of this class is to help the students increase theit vocal abilities and strength as well as improve their confidence in their vocal perfomances.

Starting in Term 1 – 2021

Those classes will open in 2021, term 1 in the following Locations:
Bald Hills – Rochedale – Paddington

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