Do you speak ‘music’?

Have you ever dreamed of just looking at a music sheet and being able to sing it straight away?

Well, this course is for you.

Music is a language.
As a child, our speaking skills (vocabulary, flexibility and general culture) developped mostly from reading. That’s how we develop our language.

Music is the same; the best way to master it is when you are able to READ IT.

Sight singing improves a performer’s understanding of a song, its melodic prosody, musical structure and development. Sight singing improves pitch, rhythm accuracy and makes those ‘god-damn’ harmonies much easier to nail.

In semi-professional and professional productions, directors often say that, given the choice, they always prefer to cast ‘a reader over a voice’. The ability to sight sing increases the performer’s chance to be cast in a (paid) production and can make the difference between casting you and another.

In this 30 weeks course, specially designed for beginners, intermediates and advanced readers, students learn the most essential points of music theory and train their brain, eyes and voice to sing an unknown melody just by reading its music sheet.

Sight Singing Course

One difference between Musical Theatre performers is between the ones
who can sight sing or the ones who can’t.

Sight Singing makes the perfomer’s job (and the Musical Director’s) much easier. Sight singing allows performers to ‘get their songs’ faster and better, especially when it comes to singing harmonies.

Age groups:
Students must be over 16 to enrol in this course


Level 1 (Beginners):
Level 2 (Intermediates):

Course Duration:

Class Duration:
per week

Next term starts:

Enrolment closes on:

4 terms per year

– $ Enrolment fee applies
– Prices are GST included
– Payment per term and per week subject to automatic renewal at the beginning of a new term/week
– Price includes course material, student pack and exercises


Course includes

This course covers:

  • Music Theory I – (Glossary, Notes lengths, Pitch, simple Rhythms)
  • Sight Singing I – (Diatonic pitch, Sharps and Flats, Minims & Crotchets)
  • Music Theory II – (Chords theory, Harmonies and complex rhythms)
  • Sight Singing II and III – (Chromatic pitch, Swing, Syncopations, Quavers, Semi-quavers)

Career Opportunities

By completing this course:
The ability to sight sing any given score on demand increases a performer’s chance of getting better paid opportunities and greater parts or roles in semi-professional and professional productions.

Course Requirements

No experience or music knowledge required

By the end of this course

Students are able to:

  • Read and sing any given score or leadsheet in treble clef
  • Adapt to keys and rhythms change on demand
  • Improvise harmonies on demand, even if not notated on the score