Cert III in Community Dance, Theatre & Events - Industry day - Brisbane

The Application Process:

1- Application & Application fee: Click on the ‘Apply Now’, this will take you to the checkout page. You only pay for the Application Administrative fee ($150.00, GST inc.).The application fee is non-refundable and covers the fees to create your student account and enter your details in our register.

2- Checkout : On the Checkout page, enter your details and the applicant’s details. Make sure that you enter the correct details and especially your contact details.

3– Confirmation: Once your application and application fee have been received, we will process your application. Our friendly student support team will email you a confirmation of your application and will send you the invoice for your payment.

4- Enrolment: Once your payment for the certificate has been received, you will be officially enrolled in the course and will receive your enrolment confirmation and timetable for the first term by email

No Audition or Interview:
LVBA is an inclusive academy and we are proud of it. We welcome all students regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or/and religion. This is why we don’t have an audition process. We want everyone to have their chance. As long as you meet the course minimum requirements of age and previous experience, that is all we need to know.

Feel free to call us – 0411 346 562 / 0406 991 019 – If you have any questions regarding the program.

Musical Theatre courses, Brisbane

Course Fees:


– $ Enrolments fee applies
– Prices are GST included
– Payments plan available on request. Contact us if you need help.

Please, read attentively our terms and conditions
– Price includes certificate qualification fees (ATOD), tuition & training, all classes, course material, student pack and exercises

2024 Intake Application:

For the moment you only need to pay the $150.00 application fee.

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“Excellent Training!
Loic is an incredibly wonderful teacher. He balances his passion & expertise, with tenacious energy & a genuinely invested attitude.

“Loic is hands down the best singing teacher in Queensland I have ever worked with. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone interested in singing, performance or musical theatre.”

“Loic is an incredibly wonderful teacher. He balances his passion & expertise, with tenacious energy & a genuinely invested attitude.”

“Loved this course! Extremely positive experience, helped build confidence and developed great skills!”

” I had a brilliant time at LVBA, I really got an in-depth look at music and acting theory. I would recommend this course for any semi-pro looking for weekly classes.”

“The Musical Theatre course at LVBA is an Extremely positive experience. It helped build my confidence and developed great skills.”

“I learned more in 6 weeks with LVBA than in 3 years with my previous singing teacher.”

“LVBA training is sharp and intensive. You feel stronger and more confident.

“The techniques you’ll learn at LVBA will blow your mind! In a few weeks, my singing has improved a 1000 times and my acting has become sharp and strong.”