Music Theory for kids

A different approach

Learning Music Theory is a fantastic activity for child’s development. Music theory links creativity, sensitivity, language, mathematics and enhances a child’s focus and attention.

At LVBA, we don’t bother children with boring music theory like the old school.
Based on a more cognitive approach that follows the child’s natural development, LVBA’s method relies on 3 steps:

1- EXPERIENCE. The very first stage is for the child, especially the youngest ones (4-7) to ‘experience’ music, experience the rhythms, the pitch, the harmonies but without any pressure of learning theory by heart. We just make them experience music with their senses.

2- UNDERSTAND. The second step, more in tune with Juniors development (8-11) is to help them understand what they’ve been experiencing. There’s a little bit of theory, but the main focus is to explain to them HOW music, pitch, rhythms and harmonies work.

3- KNOW. It is only after they’ve experience music and after they’ve understood the mechanisms behind music that we properly introduce ‘KNOWLEDGE’. A child learns better if they have first experienced, then understood. Knowledge should always be the very last step if we want them to never forget what they’re learning.

Music Theory Classes

Music is a language and learning music, its vocabulary, structures and how it expresses things is a great addition to any performing arts training. The knowledge of music, being able to read and understand music, greatly improve a child’s or teenager’s connection to singing, dancing and musical theatre.
We highly encourage all parents who enrol their children into one of those 3 disciplines (Singing, Dancing and Musical Theatre) to add this class to their curriculum.

Age groups:
Year Prep – 2: 4 to 7yo
Year 3 – 6: 8 to 11yo
Year 7 – 9: 12 to 14

Bald Hills ONLY

Day & Time:
Please, check the Timetable below.

Term Duration:

Next Term starts on the:

Prep to year 6 (25 minutes):
Per term: $ – 4 terms a year

Year 7 to 9 (30 minutes):
Per term: $ – 4 terms a year

– $ Enrolment fee applies
– Prices are GST included
– Payment per term subject to automatic renewal at the beginning of a new term/week
– Price includes course material, student pack and exercises



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Free Trial Days

Our FREE TRIAL DAYS are back for Term 2!!!
From the 4th to the 6th of April 2022
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Give your child/teenager a fun and engaging way to spend their school holidays with our ACTING, SINGING, DANCING and MUSICAL THEATRE free workshop!

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