Musical Theatre Programs Auditions Form

To audition for one of our Musical Theatre programs, please, fill out the form below.
Once received, your application will be reviewed and you can expect to receive your Audition pack within the next 10 working days.

MT Professional Program Auditions

Can you commit to 10+ hours of class per week? (All classes start after 5.00pm)

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Admission Criteria

Admission upon AUDITION ONLY

Applicants must be over 16. Moderate previous training in at least 1 of the 3 core Disciplines (Acting, Singing or Dance) is recommeded but not compulsory.
Music theory knowledge NOT REQUIRED.

Audition Process:

For the audition, you are required to prepare:

– 2 contrasting monologues
– 2 contrasting songs from the Musical Theatre repertoire

Audition Phase 1: you will be given the opportinity to present 1 monologue and 1 song. It’ll be at the discretion of the panel to ask you to present your second pieces.

Audition Phase 2: Upon successful completion of phase 1, you will participate to 1 dance group audition with one of our choreographers

Audition phase 3: Upon successful completion of phase 2, you will have a short Interview with our Panel about yourself, your background and your ambition.


Every year, LVBA offers a full scholarship to the 3 most promising candidates.

Yes, it means exactly what you think it does: Every year, 3 talented candidates receive a FULL YEAR OF TRAINING for FREE.

So… what are you waiting for?