Piano Lessons with Nathan

From: $55.00 / week

Lesson duration:
– 30 minutes – $55.00 (or $210 for 4 lessons)
– 45 minutes – $65.00 ($250 for 4 lessons)
– 1 hour – $90.00 (or $350 for 4 lessons)

Where: Annerley studio, Annerley
When: Upon availability
Book a group of 4 private singing lessons in a row and save $$$.

Prices are GST included. No enrolment fees. Payment for private lessons is subject to automatic renewal.
You payment method will be charged per week or every 4 weeks depending on your subscription.


About your trainer

Nathan’s 30+ years in music encompasses multiple arenas. Nathan has producer & composer credits in film, television & radio. He has performed with many national & international artists such as Wendy Matthews, Peter Cupples, Carol Lloyd, Luke Kennedy & many others. He has recorded with ARIA charting artists- Caitlyn Shadbolt, Natalie Dunn, Christie Lamb, The Viper Creek Band to mention a few. Nathan has taught and mentored many artists and musicians who are now enjoying successful careers as musicians, international artists and educators. Jordan Rakei (2.5 Million monthly Spotify listeners) is one such success story.

These days, Nathan balances his time between his creative projects and sharing what he knows through teaching piano, lecturing in various universities and sharing his ideas online. Nathan composes and publishes his own music through his ‘Pianoscapes by Nathan Seiler’ project which has received nearly 4 million streams on Spotify.

“After more than 30 years of teaching, I have realised that learning and teaching is intrinsically linked. Music gives me so much joy and fulfilment as a vehicle to appreciate the present moment and freely express my ideas and emotions. SO I teach what I know, aiming to inspire and encourage others to find their own avenue of creative artistic expression. Teaching and making art go hand in hand. It forms a symbiotic relationship. In essence- My art informs my teaching and my teaching informs my art.”

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