Gumdale Classes

Here are all the Youth classes we offer in GUMDALE area.

Acting (drama)

Learning acting and theatre is an excellent activity for a child’s personal development, self-confidence and affirmation of self.

Age groups: Year 3 – 6 / Year 7-9 / Year 10 -12


LVBA offers your child a complete cognitive and natural approach to explore their voice. Our activities encourage a sensorial approach of the voice in which the child develops a physical sense of their voice and of music rather than a theoretical knowledge.

Age groups: Year 3 – 6 / Year 7-9 / Year 10 -12

Theatre Jazz Dance

Theatre Jazz is THE dance discipline for Musical Theatre. It enhances musicality through body movements, increases self-confidence and is so much fun!

Age groups: Year 3 – 6 / Year 7-9 / Year 10 -12

Tap Dance

Watch out Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers!! Our little tapers are coming and they mean business! Tap is an excellent cognitive activity for mind, body and rhythm.

Age groups: Year 3 – 6 / Year 7-9 / Year 10 -12

Gumdale Youth Classes Timetable

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