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Regularly, LVBA organises Workshops and Seminars open to everyone.

Meet national and international professionals, listen to their experience and learn from their technique.

Here is the list of the workshops and Seminars we have planned for the coming months. 

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One difference between Musical Theatre performers is between the ones
who can sight sing or the ones who can’t.

Sight Singing makes the perfomer’s job (and the Musical Director’s) much easier. Sight singing allows performers to ‘get their songs’ faster and better, especially when it comes to singing harmonies.

As a child, your speaking skills (vocabulary, flexibility and general culture) developped mostly from reading. That’s how we develop our language.
Music is a language. The best way to master it is when you are able to READ IT.

Along the ability to read and sing music on sight, Sight singing helps the performer to improve their understanding of the song, its melodic prosody, musical structure and development.

In semi-professional and professional productions, directors often say that, given the choice, they always prefer to cast ‘a reader over a voice’. The ability to sight sing increases the performer’s chance to be cast in a (paid) production and can make the difference between casting you and another.

In this 6 weeks workshop, specially designed for beginners and intermediates, you will learn the most essential points of music theory and train your brain, eyes and voice to sing an unknown melody just by reading its music sheet.


– Music Theory I – (Glossary, Notes lengths, Pitch, simple Rhythms)
– Sight Singing I – (Diatonic pitch, Sharps and Flats, Minims & Crotchets)
– Music Theory II – (Chords theory, Harmonies and complex rhythms)
– Sight Singing II and III – (Chromatic pitch, Swing, Syncopations, Quavers, Semi-quavers and 32nd)

Workshop requirements:

No experience or music knowledge is required to attend the workshop.
What to bring: A notebook, pen and water bottle. The course main material (lessons and exercises sheet) will be provided.

Age restrictions:

This workshop is perfectly suited for participants of 14 year old and over.

Everything you need to know:

Starts: Wednesday 21st October
Duration: 6 Weeks
When: Wednesday, 6.00 to 7.00pm
Where: Lavalla Centre, Paddington
Price: $95.00 (for the 6 weeks)

*** Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the number of participants is limited. So, don;t wait too long before securing your spot.***