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With cutting edge techniques and cognitive methods, our industry based courses bring you the theoretical knowledge and skills to increase your chances in the Music, Theatre, Dance and Musical Theatre industries.
Find out why our students got a 100% rate call-back from auditions and why so many students from prestigious institutions and universities come to LVBA after graduated to perfect their training.




Especially designed for aspiring talents and crafted by highly qualified industry professionals, LVBA Diploma of Musical Theatre creates strong performers who meet the standards of the professional musical theatre industry. 

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Musical Theatre courses, Brisbane



This Elite post-diploma training program elevate our students performing skills to a professionbal level while training them in more diverse fields of our industry such as production management, career development, light and sound production, stage management, and the artistry of hair & makeup...

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Acting Course

Our acting course includes the most modern methods and techniques to improve your skills and presence on stage. Acting Foundations, Characterisation, Diction & Articulation, Vocal Intonations…

Vocal Training

Your natural voice can sing. All it needs is to learn what to do in order to do it well.
Discover the incredible abilities of your voice and learn the best techniques used by professional singers and performers all around the World.

Musical Theatre

This extensive Musical Theatre Course has been especially designed for all performers who wish to achieve outstanding standards in Acting and Singing. This course will give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to give you the best chances in the Musical Theatre industry.

Theatre Jazz

Our Theatre Jazz Course focuses on dance technique and training in preparation for industry work in performance, and prepares you for industry work.

Tap Dancing

Our Tap Dancing class is designed for beginners who wish to add another string to their bow in musical theatre and performing.

Sight Singing

Sight Singing makes the perfomer’s job (and the Musical Director’s) much easier. Sight singing allows performers to ‘get their songs’ faster and better, especially when it comes to singing harmonies.

Private Singing Lessons

Private lessons with Voice Guru Loic Valmy. Learn the most modern technique and methods. All genres, all levels. Beginners welcome.

Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons with the fantastic Miss Lee. Learn the foundations of Theatre Jazz and Tap or improve your skills and performances. Beginners welcome.

Seniors classes

Ballet – Over 50s

Our Ballet Seniors class is developed to encourage the cognitive & creative stimulation, safe movement and increased mobility of men and women who are retired or semi-retired.

 Senior Tap – Over 50s

Our tap class is a fun & challenging class for all ages as they are given the opportunity to ‘play the floor’ instrument with their feet! Tap also enables the dancer to use both…

What our students say:

“LVBA delivers one of the most professional acting trainings in Brisbane. The Method is highly efficient and you can clearely notice your progress.”

“I highly recommend LVBA Acting course for anyone who has professional ambitions. Real trainers, real training, the real deal!

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but LVBA delivered much more than whatever I was expecting. I learn so much about acting, stage craft but also so much about myself. A fantastic journey. Thanks LVBA!”