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Modern Acting Method

OUT with grandpa’s acting methods!
The theatre industry has evolved and changed ‘dramatically’ in the last 20 years.
Acting is no longer ‘faking’.
Away with the systematic same old moves, stereotyped expressions and fake intonations. That’s not acting!


Acting in 2023

The influence of new Tv series and new technologies (Netflix, Apple TV…) have changed the audience needs and expectations, even when they come to the theatre.
Actors are required to deliver true expression, strong, responsive, raw and instinctive.

The actor is this incredible force that can show us a hundred different lives, through a hundred different characters and yet, must be true in every single one of them, every single time.

Our industry based Stage Acting course delivers the most modern acting methods and techniques.
Become the actor the industry is looking for today.

Stage Acting Course

This acting course includes the most modern methods and techniques to improve your skills and presence on stage. You will learn how to break down a monologue, pace your dialogue, build your character, find the true emotions and intentions within yourself, as well as widen your repertoire of expressions and work on natural reactivity.

This course is more suited for Stage Actors and Musical Theatre Performers.

Age groups:
Students must be over 16 to enrol in this course



Course Duration:

Class Duration:
per week

Next term starts:

Per Term: $
4 terms per year

– $ Enrolment fee applies
– Prices are GST included
– Payment per term and per week subject to automatic renewal at the beginning of a new term/week
– Price includes course material, student pack and exercises


Acting classes - Brisbane
Acting classes - Brisbane

Course includes

This course covers:

  • Acting Foundations,
  • Characterisation,
  • Diction & Articulation,
  • Vocal Intonations,
  • Physical Theatre,
  • Body language & Facial expressions,
  • Improvisation,
  • Scene work (solo and in groups)

Career Opportunities

By completing this course:
Students have the opportunity to apply to semi-professional and professional positions in Theatre, Film/TV, Cruises, Festivals, Councils/Government Events, and tertiary and private teaching institutions.

By the end of this course

Students are able to:

  • Analyse, build and play any complex characters
  • Deliver believable and strong performances
  • Play with a large range of emotions, expressions, and vocal intonations
  • Pace a dialogue and bounce their lines with other actors
  • Have a sharp sense of body evolution and movement in space
  • Learn lines in a more accurate and faster way

What our students say:

“LVBA delivers one of the most professional acting trainings in Brisbane. The Method is highly efficient and you can clearely notice your progress.”

“I highly recommend LVBA Acting course for anyone who has professional ambitions. Real trainers, real training, the real deal!

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but LVBA delivered much more than whatever I was expecting. I learn so much about acting, stage craft but also so much about myself. A fantastic journey. Thanks LVBA!”

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