Mission Statement

Recreational Training

Professional Training


Passion first

The best way for our students to enjoy their journey and develop themselves through our courses is to share with them the Passion that has led us to create this school in the first place.

One of our directors’ motto is “The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give that gift away.”

At LVBA, we make sure that all our trainers are, before all, highly passionate about their craft, may it be acting, singing or dancing.
But we also make sure that they’re passionate about teaching. It is paramount for us that our trainers love sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Only then, do we know that we are able to infuse that same passion to our students and see them grow from it.

Safe – Fun – Inspiring

SAFE: At LVBA, it is part of our Mission to provide to all our students, and especially the youngest ones, a safe environment. All our trainers have First Aid and a valid blue card. We encourage every student to contribute in the most positive way to making every class safe for everyone, including themselves.

FUN: It is very important for us to keep every recreational class fun for our students. We are well-aware that a student who has fun learns better and faster. Teaching, and especially young children, is not just about acheivement or goals; it’s also and mostly about the journey and experience we can give them. At LVBA, we make sure our students have the best journey every week.

INSPIRING: All our trainers can tell you stories about their trainers, the ones who led them to where they are now. We have all kept very vivid memories of those who ‘made us’ and we are so grateful we met them. Now, it’s our time to pass this ‘care’ onto our own students. In all our courses, especially for the children’ programs, we understand that we are part of a bigger journey for our students. We know that our trainers, our teaching and our methods will follow our students way beyond their years at LVBA. We know that, at our humble level, we contribute to our students’ personal development as well as their artistic progression.

Helping our students develop their self-confidence, inspiring them every step of the way, accompanying them through their own personal challenges, and leading them to victories and successes, however small, THIS is our mission. This is why we truly care.


The Performing Arts Industries are among the toughest industries; hard to conquer, highly competitive and unforgiving.
Once again, LVBA follows you every step of the way.

You come with dreams – We provide the keys

Every individual comes to us with a dream. Some just want a career or to make a living out of your passion, other want to be famous. All our students come to LVBA with a dream. Our Mission is to accompany you on the path towards acheiving those dreams of yours. Our Mission is to give you the tools, the strength, the knowledge, the techniques and the mindset to fulfil those dreams.

We make strong performers

Whether it is Theatre, Music, Dance or Musical Theatre, our industries are very demanding and highly competitive. Only the strongest performers break through. At LVBA, we don’t stop at just give you the knowledge and skills. We give you the strength and self-discipline you need to succeed in those industries. You are trained by highly recognised professionals who have worked in those industries for years. Our trainers know exactly what those industries expect from you as a performer. They know exactly what is required. Our Mission is to provide you with precisely what the industries are looking for.

Cutting-Edge Programs

LVBA part ways from the ‘old school’ training methods.

Although the ‘old methods’ have proven their worth; sadly, they are no longer ‘in tune’ with the industries’ requirement and cannot deliver the necessary skills in the given time.

Our industries are moving fast and the level of performance required from performers is also increasing.
Producers and directors are looking for more versatile performers, able to perform in different genres, at different levels, for different types of productions and all this, in a shorter term.

That’s why, at LVBA, all our training programs in Acting, Singing, Dancing and Musical Theatre have been redesigned with new methods, new approaches, and cutting-edge techniques to insure that all our students meet the industry’s criteria in shorter terms. 
With LVBA, you train faster, stronger and more efficiently.

Extensive Training

Our training programs have been designed to ensure we give you all the skills and techniques you need to become a professional of the Performing Arts Industries.
Because they deliver academic qualifications, a lot of training institutions in Australia have to follow a particular academic curriculum; in other terms, they don’t really decide of what must be taught. Sadly, such programs are often full of information, exercises and techniques that are outdated or that are no longer required by the industry. (Read also the next paragraph “A Degree or a Career”)

At LVBA, we also focus on “efficiency in training”. Everything you learn is something you’ll need in our industry.

Intensive Training

Only the strongest performers break through in our industries. Professional performers, actors and dancers are required to perform between 6 and 8 times a week. That’s every day, 7/7. Sometimes twice in the same day. It’s part of our mission to prepare you, physically and psychologically, to work in such demanding industries. That’s why our program are also ‘intensive’. We are not going to lie; we are tough with the students who come for professional training. But at the end of it, every performer who comes from LVBA has what it takes to become a real professional.

A Degree or a Career?

At LVBA, we’ve made a choice.
We put our students Training before assessments.
We put our students Skills before grades.
We put our students Achievements before a piece of paper.

At the end of their professional training, we offer our students the possibility to sit exams in order to receive an Associate or Licentiate (Advanced) Diploma in partnership with Trinity College London. But this is our STUDENT’S CHOICE.
We don’t impose or deliver automatically Academic qualification such as certificate IV or Diploma…

That’s because we have a mission and ‘selling qualifications’ is not it.

A lot of people think that, just like in any other industry, a qualification in theatre or dance or musical theatre will get you the job.
But the truth is that theatre, dance and musical theatre are not just like any other industry.
Nobody has ever passed an audition based on their ‘degree’ or qualification.

Directors, producers or choreographers never, we mean NEVER, select performers based on ‘academic qualification’. It simply never happens. In our industries, you get the jobs only based on your skills, talent and techniques

At LVBA, we have made our choice.
We have ditched the ‘piece of paper’ and focus all our energy and attention on giving you the skills, techniques, craft knowledge and mindset you need to sustain a successful career in the Performing Arts Industries.

Loic tells you more about…

The Training

Loic Valmy tell you more about the type of training (for adults) that LVBA delivers.


LVBA is an inclusive academy. Our doors are open to everyone regardless of… 

Training comes first (1)

At LVBA, we put Training before assessments and Skills before a piece of paper (Degree) and this is why…

Training comes first (2)
A diploma or a bachelor don’t prove you’re a good performer. You will get roles based on your skills, not on a piece of paper.

What our Students say:

“Excellent Training!
Loic is an incredibly wonderful teacher. He balances his passion & expertise, with tenacious energy & a genuinely invested attitude.

What our Students say:

“Loic is hands down the best singing teacher in Queensland I have ever worked with. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone interested in singing, performance or musical theatre.”

What our Students say:

“Loic is an incredibly wonderful teacher. He balances his passion & expertise, with tenacious energy & a genuinely invested attitude.”

What our Students say:

“Loved this course! Extremely positive experience, helped build confidence and developed great skills!”

What our Students say:

” I had a brilliant time at LVBA, I really got an in-depth look at music and acting theory. I would recommend this course for any semi-pro looking for weekly classes.”

What our Students say:

“The Musical Theatre course at LVBA is an Extremely positive experience. It helped build my confidence and developed great skills.”

What our Students say:

“I learned more in 6 weeks with LVBA than in 3 years with my previous singing teacher.”

What our Students say:

“LVBA training is sharp and intensive. You feel stronger and more confident.

What our Students say:

“The techniques you’ll learn at LVBA will blow your mind! In a few weeks, my singing has improved a 1000 times and my acting has become sharp and strong.”