Become the Performer you want to be

Loic Valmy Broadway Academy is an institution devoted to helping you succeed. We deliver pre-professional and professional trainings in Acting, Singing, Dancing and Musical Theatre. You’ll be trained by professionals who are currently working in the industry.

We lead our students to a high-professional level of performance and give them the essential skills and knowledge required to become professionals in the Performing Arts Industry.

LVBA trainers are all professionals, currently working in the industry and are selected for their professionalism, experience and their ability to share and transmit their passion to others.

Our mission is to assist our students to reach excellence, self-confidence and a high sense of achievement in their discipline (Acting, Singing and Dancing), so that they can achieve their fullest potential as performers.

Associated and Licentiate Diploma


Acting Course

From classical to contemporary, learn and train with the best techniques for Stage, TV and Film.


Vocal Training

From beginners to professional, we offer inclusive course and private lessons in all genres.


Musical Theatre

Learn the best techniques from Broadway delivered by professionals currently working in the industry.


Theatre Jazz

Learn the steps and get the moves. Our Theatre Jazz course brings you the technical foundation of Briadway performers.


Tap Dance

Our Tap Dancing class is designed for beginners who wish to add another string to their bow in musical theatre and performing.


Classes for over 50s

There is no age to learn a new passion. We deliver classes and courses for our lovely seniors.



(Pre-juniors, Juniors and Teenagers)

Full Program

Acting + Singing + Musical Theatre + Jazz Dance + Tap Dancing + Music Theory
If you are looking for a more complete training, then, check out our ‘Full Program’
LVBA Full Program for kids includes all the classes your child/teenager needs to develop his/her talents as a Complete Performer.

Our Performing Arts Full Program offers:
  • 3.1/4 hours of training per week (4.1/4 hours for teenagers)
  • 10 weeks per term
  • 40 weeks per year
Musical Theatre for kids - Brisbane
Singing Class for kids - brisbane
Musical Theatre for kids - Brisbane

Acting Classes

Play 100 characters through 101 stories. Learn movement, expressions and more…


Singing Classes

Let them explore their voice and vocal talent in a safe and fun environment.


Musical Theatre

For our future stars, let them learn Acting, Singing and Dancing in a safe and very fun environment.


Theatre Jazz Dance Classes

Let them connect with their body and space, rhythm and steps…


Tap Dancing Classes

Tap is so much fun!! You can make ll the noicse you want while learning tricks like Gene Kelly and Fred Astair



(and dads)

Babies & Toddlers

Let them explore what their bodies can do when music plays.